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What is the Uvalde Together Resiliency Center and Who Does it Serve?

The Uvalde Together Resiliency Center is a place of healing and support dedicated to serving Uvalde and the surrounding communities.  The most requested services are counseling, spiritual support and group support services.

How can the Uvalde TRC Help Me?

The Uvalde TRC is here to assist anyone who was impacted by the Robb School tragedy.  If you are struggling emotionally, we encourage you to contact us.

How do I contact the Uvalde TRC?

The Uvalde Together Resiliency center is located at 2104 E. Main Street, Uvalde, Texas 78801.  Our phone number is (830) 900-7349.  You can also contact us by email at

If I contact the Uvalde TRC, request services, is my confidentiality protected?

Yes, the Uvalde TRC respects the privacy of the clients we serve.  We strictly adhere to HIPAA requirements.  We will honor your wishes when sharing information about your needs.

What Services are offered through the Uvalde TRC?

Services provides include victim advocacy and support, counseling and spiritual care, community education and notary services.  We participate in various outreach events, integrative services (art therapy, journaling), peer support and several support groups.

Is there a charge for services at the Uvalde TRC?

There is never a charge for any services provided at the Uvalde TRC.  We do not bill insurance or accept payment for services.

Is the Uvalde TRC in need of any donations?

Individuals and organizations throughout the community and the world have reached out to support us in offering services to individuals impacted by the Robb Elementary School Tragedy, We are grateful for the outpouring of kindness and concern.  To offer support, please call our Director, Jayme Johnston at (830) 900-7349 or email

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