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Integrative Services

UTRC is pleased to make a variety of evidence-based integrative services available at no cost to trauma survivors throughout Uvalde and the surrounding communities, emergency responders and anyone impacted by the Robb Elementary tragedy.

Art Therapy

Art therapy methods use active art-marking and creative processes, integrated with the human experience.  It is effective trauma treatment by reducing psychological trauma symptoms and depression.

Integrative art support groups use art and mindfulness as methods of self-care.  All supplies needed will be provided by UTRC.

Therapeutic Journaling and Meditation
We encourage you to use reflective writing as a way to care for yourself emotionally.
Research indicates that engaging with emotions and memories can enhance our immune system.

By practicing self-reflection and mindfulness, we can alleviate emotional burdens and gain
perspective on life.

We can assist you in navigating these challenges and finding clarity in your daily life.

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